23 de abril de 2009

"Gold Coins: the Ultimate Asset to Ensure Your Retirement"

Millions of Americans are worried about the economic crisis, and especially about their retirement. They know that the primary assets used in retirement planning, like stocks, bonds, annuities and savings accounts are not longer as safe as they use to be.

Stocks provided the opportunity for growth; bonds produced income, and precious metals protected against inflation and financial chaos. But, as the stock market climbed onward and upward, caution was thrown to the wind. Stocks came to dominate most portfolios, pushing bonds to the back burner and precious metals out of the picture.

Now appears to be a prudent time to return to a portfolio weighed heavily toward gold.
Because there is a classic solution to ensure your retirement: gold coins. Making physical precious metals part of your IRA is a great way to diversify and protect your retirement portfolio. Precious metals are recession-proof investments that are historically proven hedges against negative economic conditions like inflation, war, housing bubbles and taxation.

You know that if you buy gold coins, your money will be safe. If you buy gold bullion your Money also will be safe, but could you say the same if you put your money in NASDAQ? In uncertain times, no other investment is as reliable a safe haven as precious metals bullion. A stake in gold or silver bullion today will reduce the volatility of your holdings and make your retirement a brighter place

Protect your portfolio and your future with the enduring value of precious metals. Remember, your gold IRA is the key of your future golden retirement.

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