16 de septiembre de 2008

"Ways to get the Bills Paid on Time in an Economic Crisis"

We are living in a time of economic crisis”, and a lot of American people are having a really hard time paying their bills. A big part of the problem is, of course, the increased cost in everything except wages. However, another large problem, is the people themselves. First off, they lack a budget and second, people spend way more than they can afford.

In order to keep your bills paid on time, you need a system:

-The first part of that system is your budget. You need to have a clear perspective of your finances to realise how big your economic problem is. Remember: deficit is your enemy.

- After your budget is complete, it becomes necessary to organize your bills. Simply follow the steps below and you should have no problem keeping your bills organized and paid on time each month!

- Purchase a cheap desktop organizer with 3 or more slots.

· The back slot is for your budget book.

· The second slot is for your coupon book (we'll get to more on that later).

· The last but certainly not least, the front slot is for your bills. DO NOT allow anything else to go in this organizer.

- Print a 1 page calendar, for the month you are starting with. (You can get one on your Microsoft Office Word text editor, or you can download it from internet) Now, pull out all your due bills and write them on your calendar for the dates they are due.

- Place this calendar inside your budget book. Each week when you get paid (or whenever you get paid), open your budget book to a clean page and write the date at the top. On the next line, write the balance of your checking account (or whatever account you use to pay bills). Then add your deposited paycheck.

- Write down any outstanding checks and subtract this amount from your balance.

- Pull out your bill calendar and write each bill that is due that week in your budget book.

- Pay each bill, then subtract that amount (each time) from your balance. If you are paying online or over the phone, be sure to write down any confirmation numbers given to you.

- Find some assistance in the case you have an unexpected financial emergency. Sometimes you need professional solutions to solve your unexpected problems, especially when you need cash loans” immediately. Installment Loans(means of borrowing money for short-term financial needs. Once you receive your money, you simply make the payments until your balance is paid off. Your payment will be the same for the entire time that you carry a balance) can be another good way to help you.

But remember, when you have economic problems, when you cannot pay the bills, when you need an uncomplicated borrowing alternative; that is the exact moment when you have to find a trusty company, like ThinkCash: a short term, personal loan company which lends amounts from $250 to $2,500 for emergency times like when the bills have to be paid or to avoid a bounced check

I know you have probably heard about similar companies like Payday Loan or Cash Advance, but there are some important differences that you should consider:

  • ThinkCash rates are typically 25 – 75% lower than Payday loans.
  • Their convenient payment options are the real benefit as unlike Payday loans.
  • Their loans can be paid in several installments - or pay off completely at any time - with no penalties.

Anyway, you are free to choose your personal way to solve your “economic emergencies”, but remember, if you make a good economic plan, and you get good professional advice, you can take a lot of worry off of your mind.

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